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Priority Letters Service Update

Australia Post have confirmed that the PRIORITY LETTERS service will again be available to bulk mail partners. From 1st June 2020 letters lodged as priority will be delivered as a matter of urgency Monday to Friday under a temporary alternative priority timetable.

On 30th May 2020 Bing will re-enable the priority letter service across all products.

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New Feature: Automated Reminders

Ideal for Meeting reminders, payment due, and many other notifications, Bing's Automated Reminder system allows you to schedule reminder messages via email, sms or post, based on an offset (before or after) a date in your primary letter.

Call Bing's Customer Service to set up this great new feature.

New Feature: Scheduled Release

Bing now allows you to schedule the release of mailings using the customer portal. When you process a mailing you can now select a time and date that it is released into production.

For further information please visit our help website below or contact Customer Service on 1300 309 800.

Data Options - Scheduled Release