Single Sign On

Single Sign On Enabled

Bing's portal can now be accessed using your Bing username and password, or by using your credentials from one of several external identity providers (currently Google, Microsoft, Apple, Paypal). This is often referred to as "Single Sign On" (SSO).

Bing matches the email address from your SSO provider to the Bing user database in order to determine your Bing account and access permissions.

SSO removes the need for you to remember and manage a separate Bing password - a good thing!

Local Buy for QLD Councils

Great news for QLD councils! No more printing and enveloping thanks to Bing’s EasyPost Mailroom.

Bing has pleasure in announcing we are now a Local Buy prequalified supplier for IT Solutions & Services, which incorporates the ability to provide printing and mailing services to council for rates notices and all ad-hoc correspondence.