Bing Paper Plane

Local Government IT & Business Transformation Summit

Recently Bing joined with council CIOs and IT business decision makers for a two day summit collaborating on redesigning services and processes in order to create a smart council.

Some of the key discussion points included:

  • IT systems that create innovative workplaces
  • Aligning IT & business strategy to improve council services
  • Sharing services to improve council processes & reduce costs
  • Achieving operational efficiency
  • Solutions to improve mobility between departments & staff

With councils actively adopting new technologies into their business strategy to become a 21st century technology driven council, Bing was excited to host a roundtable discussion titled ‘Hybrid Mail - A Digital Alternative’.  This session was a great opportunity to hear some of the challenges councils face and also share case studies of how Bing have assisted councils in their digital transformation journey.  Our session concluded with Bing’s customary paper plane making competition which delivered some exceptional performers and others that, let’s just say... fell well short of the mark!