Bing Mail Bullet

How Bing Can Help You Transition to Digital Communication

If you want to give your customers the freedom to receive communications via their preferred method, a multi-channel approach is required. Bing’s outbound mail solution enables users to send email, SMS, BPayView, post and fax all together as a single batch.

Our knowledge and experience can assist you in providing a plan to improve digital communications. From bespoke prize draws and automated promotions to multi-channel marketing, Bing is happy to work with you to develop a tailored plan that best suits your requirements.

Bing’s electronic capability removes the traditional shortfalls in digital communication such as recipients failing to open and read an email or an SMS. Bing allows you to choose what happens with unread, undeliverable or rejected email and SMS. Bounce-backs can be returned directly to you or they can be handled automatically by Bing allowing a failed email or SMS to be resent via alternate electronic delivery or as postal mail.

Bing can further automate the process by inserting a notification letter with the original document once failover has occurred, notifying the recipient that their email address or mobile number has failed and directing them to update their details with you.

If you have an email address or mobile number for your customer, but you’re not sure if they want to get rid of their paper copies, optimising Bing’s ‘request a postal copy’ is a great way to keep your customers happy. Bing can include a ‘request a postal copy’ link into any email or SMS. When a recipient requests a paper copy of their correspondence, Bing will post the letter out on your behalf. This process is completely automated and requires no intervention by you. If your customers decide that they don’t want to receive notifications via text message, Bing can provide you with an ‘opt out’ service.

Bing empowers businesses to seamlessly transition to a digital workplace with a solution that requires no process change, has no implementation fees, no security boundaries and no hidden extra costs. What are you waiting for? Contact Us today.