Customer Owned Banking Association

COBA 2018

As a service partner to the banking and finance sector, Bing was delighted to once again be a part of the Customer Owned Banking Association’s annual convention. Over 700 delegates from across Australia came together for the 3 day event themed around The Challenge of Change’

As Customer owned banking continues to grow and is a competitive alternative for millions of Australians, Credit Unions and Mutuals are continually searching for ways to improve a customer’s experience, adopt process improvement strategies and reduce operating costs.

For our banking customers, Bing’s innovative solution provides a means to reduce the cost and human time associated to sending outbound customer correspondence such as Statements, Customer Service letters, Overdue letters, Rate Change Notifications and Term Deposit letters via Postal Mail or Electronic Delivery.

Congratulations also to our lucky prize winner Adam Aisbury from Bank First.  Adam scored himself an impressive Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious racing set.

COBA 2018