City of Casey

City of Casey Automate Outgoing Mail

The City of Casey have been using Bing to manage their outgoing mail since 2014 as part of their digitisation journey. The uptake of Bing has streamlined process, reduced costs and digitised their communication.

Bing’s clever solution enables the City of Casey to send out all mail previously printed internally, including rates payment arrangement schedules, hard waste notification letters, community strengthening and arts news mail outs, invoices, statements and all other ad hoc mail.

“The City of Casey has been using Bing services now for several years and all staff utilise these applications and are trained as part of our Digital Transformation here at Council. We have a great take up of the applications that Bing offer and this is due to the wonderful customer service that Nadine, Alex and the team provide us. Approximately 95% of our mail is now processed through Bing”, says Bronwyn Money, the City of Casey’s Team Leader of Information Management.

Bing is used as part of a long term strategy to eventually reduce the amount of physical letters sent out, with the City set to start using Bing’s SMS and email functionalities. In the interim, Bing provides a unique solution to allow for residents to continue to receive their letters by post if they prefer, whilst enabling council to remove the paper copy internally.

There are many other hidden benefits in switching to Bing; Bing’s Online Customer Portal allows you to hold a digital record of all sent mailings and automatically breaks down invoicing for departments, saving precious time in the Records area. No more time is wasted managing multiple suppliers & stock levels, waiting on machine breakdown or staff queuing to use the printer. Bing also automates the management of Council’s returned & failed mail (electronic and physical) and the reporting capabilities Bing provides has allowed the City to easily access information on their mail not possible before.

Recently, The City of Casey did not need to renew their franking, folding and mail printer contracts as these machines are now obsolete with the use of Bing.